Common methods for hardware maintenance

Common methods for hardware maintenance

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Tips for maintaining hardware locks

In daily life, hardware locks are accessories that we often use but are easily overlooked. Here are some tips on lock maintenance:

1. Zinc alloy and copper locks may oxidize over time, appearing as “spots”. This is not rust, but oxidation. Use a surface wax spray to remove these “spots” with a gentle wipe.

2. If the lock has been used for a long time, the key may not be inserted and removed smoothly. Add a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder into the keyhole to ensure smooth key insertion and extraction.

3. The rotating parts of the lock body need to be regularly coated with lubricant to ensure smooth rotation. It is recommended to check whether the screws are loose every six months to maintain the firmness of the lock.

4. The lock should not be exposed to rain for a long time to prevent the small spring from rusting. Chemicals in rainwater can corrode locks.

5. When turning the key to unlock, make sure the lock core returns to its original position before pulling the key to prevent damage to the lock.

Maintenance tips for bathroom hardware

Maintaining bathroom hardware can extend its service life and maintain its appearance:

1. Ventilate frequently to maintain air circulation in the bathroom and achieve dry and wet separation.

2. Avoid placing wet items directly on the hardware pendant to prevent the paint from corroding the hanger.

3. After using shower gel, clean the faucet and hardware in time, and wipe them regularly with clean water to maintain their luster.

4. Use wax oil to remove stubborn stains and ensure that hardware hangings are clean.

Pay attention to the maintenance of luggage hardware

For people who like to collect bags, luggage hardware maintenance is very important:

1. Wipe the hardware regularly with a dry cloth to maintain its luster and prevent discoloration.

2. If there is slight oxidation, wipe it gently with flour or toothpaste.

3. When collecting bags, pay attention to protecting the hardware parts.

4. When opening and closing the lock of the trolley case, avoid mixing in foreign matter to avoid damaging the hardware.

Kitchen hardware maintenance tips

Take care of your kitchen hardware to keep it durable and beautiful:

1. Frequently wipe kitchen cabinet hardware with a dry cloth to prevent rust. You can use kerosene to remove black spots.

2. Lubricate cabinet hinges regularly to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

3. Avoid collisions and scratches on hardware, and do not carry it by force to avoid damaging the connections.

4. Wipe the faucet surface with a soft cloth to avoid scale and corrosion.

5. Avoid collision between the faucet faucet surface and hard objects, and be careful not to force the installation during installation.

Maintenance of doors, windows and wardrobe hardware accessories

Maintain door, window and wardrobe hardware to make them last longer:

1. Stainless steel handles can be wiped with brightener to maintain their luster.

2. Lubricate the moving parts regularly to keep them smooth.

3. Clean aluminum profiles to avoid window damage.

4. Pay attention to the direction of the hardware accessories and avoid pedaling hard.

5. Children should pay attention to safety and do not hang on the hardware parts to avoid damage.

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