Installation of glass door hinges and installation notes

Installation of glass door hinges and installation notes

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Installation of glass door hinges Preparation tools

Prepare special installation tools before installation, such as tape measure/level for measuring, woodworking pencil for drawing lines, woodworking hole cutter/pistol drill for opening holes, screwdriver for fixing, etc.

Installation of glass door hinges

First draw a line with the installation measuring board or woodworking pencil (the margin of the hole is generally 5 mm), then use a pistol drill or woodworking hole cutter to drill 35 mm holes in the door panel for the hinge cups, the depth of the holes is generally 12 mm.

Glass door hinge installation Fixing the hinge cups

Insert the hinges into the hinge cup holes on the door panel and fix the hinge cups with self-tapping screws.

Glass door hinge installation Fixing the base

After inserting the hinge into the cup hole in the door panel, open the hinge, slip it in and align it with the side panel and fix the base with self-tapping screws.

Glass door hinge installation Commissioning


Open and close the cabinet door to test the effect. General hinges can be adjusted in six directions, the upper and lower alignment, the two doors left and right moderate, the cabinet door debugging the most ideal effect for good, installed after closing the gap is generally 2 mm.

Door hinge installation note Installation location and number

Theoretically, the greater the spacing between the two hinges, the stronger the bearing capacity, of course, this also takes into account the reality of the situation, the home door can be heavier with three hinges, the general door with two hinges can be.

Door hinge installation attention to prevent falling fan

Falling fan refers to poor installation of doors and windows resulting in a gradual increase in the gap above and a gradual decrease in the gap below, resulting in poor switching and, in serious cases, falling off. The reason for this may be due to the use of too small a hinge or the lack of matching screws.

Door hinges installation attention Gap distance

The gap between the hinge and the door panel must be well grasped, otherwise the appearance will be very ugly, the gap between the door panel is normally 3-5MM, to leave an expansion gap.

Door hinge installation attention accessories match

The hinge slot and hinge height, width and thickness are matched. Whether the hinge and its connecting screws and fasteners are matched. The hinges should be connected in a way that matches the material of the frame and fan, such as the hinges used for steel framed wooden doors, the side connected to the steel frame is welded, and the side connected to the wooden door fan is fixed with wood screws.

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