Glass Hardware Quality Control

Quality assurance that checks every box.

For more than 12 years we have been offering high-performance technologies that convince our customers from a wide range of industries with stability, operational safety and performance.

  • Material composition testing
  • Surface finish
  • Dimension tolerances
  • Modular fit testing
  • Standards adherence
  • Packaging compliance
  • Barcode readability
  • Documentation accuracy

QC Flow

Salt Spray Test

Cyclic chemical exposure test to ensure eligible corrosion resistance of materials and coatings.

Endurance Test

Test with an extended load under sustained use to make sure service life of up to 100,000 runs.

Fire Test

Fireproof testing to guarantee significant flame retardant properties in fire circumstances.

Destructive Test

Tests carried out to the sample’s failure, to check the metal performance under different loads.

Gravity Test

Tests by dropping to assess if materials and finish can reach different requirements for durability.


It’s about commitment, in everything we do. From the raw materials we use, to the highest quality manufacturing processes, to our innovative product-development engineering, to the people that build, sell and provide the one-on-one technical support.

At SUP Glass Hardware, you’ll find there’s a total dedication to serving the customers who rely on our products and trust in the reliability of our company.

We never settle for second best. And our products reflects this corporate-wide attitude.

Quality Assurance
• Customer’s satisfaction is our pursuing goal.

• Customer-oriented is the principle of our services.

• Our core value and core competence is according to effective, convenient and cost-controlled customer services.