Shower Room Hardware

SUP shower room hardware is far beyond the standards of its peers in terms of practicality and appearance. Before each product leaves the factory, it must be repeatedly tested to determine that it is safe, firm and has a long service life. It adopts a simple design style, which looks simple and elegant but not simple, and reflects SUP’s pursuit of quality everywhere.

Bathroom Tube Connector

The hardware accessories of the shower room are mainly made of copper and stainless steel, using 59# copper and 304 stainless steel, and the wall clips and hinges are generally made of 59# copper. It has the best hardness and flexibility. It has high bearing capacity, which effectively guarantees the performance and service life of the shower room. Although the products of customized well-known shower room brands are expensive, the experience is better.
The plating thickness of copper fittings is 11um, and through the 24-hour salt spray test, the surface plating quality reaches more than ten grades. There are no black spots, bubbles, delamination and other phenomena on the surface after long-term use. The stainless steel materials used in the shower room are 304 stainless steel, which is the most used in the industry. Stainless steel accessories are designed to open molds by themselves, using standard 304 stainless steel material, using advanced processing equipment to achieve mirror effect, strong metal texture.
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Component category: eccentric wheel PXL, elastic wheel TTL, balance wheel BDL, single pendulum double wheel DBSL, elastic wheel double wheel TTSL, waist drum wheel YGL, waist drum double wheel YGSL; single wheel, double wheel, four-wheel suspension, suspension, etc. .
Accessories: stainless steel bearing pulley series, bearing steel bearing pulley series, anti-rust mixing roller, hardware and plastic accessories, non-standard bearings, stainless steel balls, precision bearing steel metric steel balls, etc.
The aluminium frame is available in Light Silver, Sand Silver, Matte Silver and Brushed. It can be used with the same color aluminum alloy stone base and low basin. This glass is available in two light-colored glass and blue glass. The style of bathroom equipment is not only diverse and increasingly refined, but also the shape of the bathtub, the expression of the material, the change of the shape of the washbasin, the change of the shape of the shower head, the style of the toilet, and the change of the locker.
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The choice of sanitary equipment should consider personal living habits and functional use requirements. In addition, the allocation of space is also a factor that affects purchases. For the size of the space, the distribution of the pattern, it is very important to choose the shape of the bathroom. When considering the style of bathroom equipment, in addition to emphasizing one’s own aesthetic preferences, the combination of space, color, etc. is also the key point that affects the choice.

The commonly used hardware accessories in shower rooms mainly include: shafts, hinges, pulleys, guide rails, handles, water retaining strips, etc.
1. Rotating shaft and hinge
The shaft and hinge are used in the shower room with the swing door. Regardless of the shaft or hinge, it is used to connect the opening and closing rotation of the solid glass (fixed glass) and the living glass (moving glass) in the shower room.
The rotating shaft is used for the shaft structure that bears the bending moment and torque in the rotating work. The appearance is similar to that of the hinge, and the structure is simpler than that of the hinge.
The hinge, also known as a hinge, is a two-fold structure composed of metal sheets, which also rotates back and forth around the middle axis.
2. Guide rails and pulleys
The combination of pulleys and rails is used in push-pull shower enclosures. There are two main materials: aluminum alloy and stainless steel clad aluminum alloy.
The pulley, the upper and lower guide rails of the sliding door shower room adopts a double pulley structure, which has a self-lubricating effect and slides smoothly.
3. Handle
There are various types of shower room handles to meet different bathroom styles. In terms of material, the handle used in the shower room is mainly made of stainless steel and zinc alloy.
4. Water retaining strip
The function of the water retaining strip is to prevent the water in the bathroom from leaking through the floor tiles to the dry area.

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