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SUP, as a frameless hardware company, the frameless shower door hardware manufacturers, and the glass door hardware manufacturers, we offer a wide variety of smooth Frameless Sliding Shower Doors and Enclosures. Each style has its own unique application and can be configured with a combination of towel bars, handles, knobs, or additional glass panels to meet your individual needs. These aesthetically appealing glass shower enclosures are built to last and guarantee a luxurious experience.

As the industry leader in glass hardware innovation and design, SUP offers a complete solutions of shower room glass and building glass, including: glass patch fittings, glass door rails, glass sliding systems, architectural glass locking products.

Sliding Door

Solutions: Sliding Door
Model Number: SD111
Application: Hotel, Villa, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital, School, Mall, Sports Venues, Leisure Facilities, Supermarket, Warehouse, Workshop, Park.

Sliding glass doors for great views – enhance natural lighting; and add fresh air. In addition, sliding glass doors are commonly used in some areas as doors between interior rooms of a house and patios, decks, balconies, patios, and gardens, backyards, barbecues, or swimming pools. In this case, they are often called patio doors. They are also used in interior design, often in offices and car sales areas, to provide a soundproof yet visually accessible private office space. In residential interiors, traditional ‘Shoji’ doors are often replicated using translucent ‘frosted’ glass to allow daylight to penetrate further into the residence and expand the sense of interior space.

1. Stretch space

The use of glass doors can visually make the space look more spacious and larger, and the transparent glass extends the line of sight, expands the sense of space, and makes the space look extraordinarily open. If the entire wall is partitioned with glass, the visual openness of the space can be at least doubled, and even in a space that is not large enough or spacious enough, it will not feel oppressive.

2. Optimize lighting

Glass is a material with excellent light transmittance and transparency. The use of glass doors will not block light like solid materials. The crystal clear glass can allow the light to pass through the room without obstruction, so that the space has enough brightness. For some rooms with less ideal lighting, glass doors can even bring more light into the space through the refraction of light, making the space brighter.

3. Intermittently

The advantage of choosing glass doors for space layout is that the partition is not partitioned, and the partition is continuous. For traditional partition materials, brick walls, cement, wood, metal, etc., will completely separate the internal and external spaces. But in fact, many adjacent space areas in our lives often need to have some connections. The glass door completes the function of dividing the area very well, but it retains a certain spatial connection, so that the space is not completely separated.

The glass sliding doors are matched with the ethereal gauze curtains, one rigid and one soft, making the balcony and living room infinitely charming. The combination of gauze and sliding doors forms the movable partition design of the home, emphasizing the characteristics of space style. The glass sliding door and pink gauze curtain show a unique space temperament. The sliding glass sliding door is transparent and bright, and it is also very space-saving. In the separated shower room, the interesting stickers on the glass sliding door add life interest to the bathroom. The glass sliding door separates the bathroom from the bedroom, forming a sense of space that is separated and continuous. The small bathroom uses glass sliding doors to effectively separate the bathing area and the toilet area. Sliding glass doors make the bathroom more modern and stylish while separating the shower area. The detachable glass sliding door separates the functional area for the bathroom, making the space more layered. The sliding door with separation function effectively blocks the water droplets and steam diffused during bathing.

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