Sliding wood door roller kit: Dividing Space Without Dividing the Home

Sliding wood door roller kit: Dividing Space Without Dividing the Home

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Dividing Space Without Dividing the Home

SUP slding door hardware’s custom sliding door panel is made from ten 52” wide beams that are bolted together with one continuous threaded rod. The massive door panel creates tremendous space adaptability. It can either be opened to join the house, or closed to divide it in two.

“The sliding door provides an adjustable privacy screen between the great room and hallway which leads to the two bedrooms and bathroom,” The interior designer said. “We love the flexibility that the sliding door adds to our space.”

To complete the effect, it was crucial to find the right sliding door hardware. The designer surveyed the field, and came away impressed with SUP slding door hardware—specifically sliding roller kit.

“After researching sliding door hardware companies, it quickly became obvious that SUP hardware was the way to go,” Mansfield said. “SUP slding door hardware’s oversized hubless bearings are simply stunning and the quality of the hardware did not disappoint. The linear brush on Black Stainless finish looks incredible up close.”

SUP slding door hardware’s Black Stainless finish features a fine graining that isn’t lost in its rich black color. The hairline brush is smooth to the touch but adds a sophisticated grain to the hardware that works well with the more exaggerated texture found on the wood door.


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