Glass Hardware Technical Support

Comprehensive – right from the start!

In-depth understanding of customer needs in the early stage, to provide suitable solutions.
To be passed of repeated verification and experiences conclusion from designing input and output, developing samples, trial production and mass production to meet customer requirements.
Quickly and effectively to dealing with customer’s complaint and strive to sustain improving.

A reliable partner

12 years in glass hardware, driven by Innovation and inspired by our customers wishes and dreams, we fine tuned our products to meet the highest standards and to be highly customizable to suite your application.

Since our first day we stood ahead of our competition and worked hard on becoming better and better.

We design and manufacture our products sale to all over the world, which let´s the customers experience honesty, responsiveness and a supportive team, with the needed know how to give you the support you need to finish your project successfully and satified user.


Pre-Sales Support
Our goal was and is to be the leading company, when it comes to our products. We always work on the design hardware more suitable for local users.
“The Best Product Possible” is not defined by the most expensive product possible, it is “The Best Solution for the Customers Application”.
When we support our customers finding “The Best Solution for their Application”, we help them to find the best product they need to fulfill their demand, which still helps to minimize the investment, while gaining the full satisfaction with the Solution offered.


After-Sales Support
But whenever it comes to any issues with the products, Contact us to find a solution in a timely manner.
​No matter what, don´t hesitate to reach out to our support team.