What are hinge glass door hardware?

What are hinge glass door hardware?

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Hinges are simple mechanical bearing devices that are used to connect two parts and allow them to rotate relative to each other about a fixed axis. Depending on the type employed, the components can move (most commonly) within a limited arc or with 360° freedom.

These devices are used for a variety of applications, including doors, gates, window shutters, lids, etc. To suit the various requirements of these applications, hinges are available with a wide range of product specifications, such as decorative vs. functional purpose, external vs. internal placement, mounting style, full or half mortise, limited space restrictions, load capacity, etc. Based on these design characteristics, there are many different types and styles of hinges available.

Barrel hinges are comprised of two barrel-shaped components attached by a pivot. Generally, these types of hinges are used for concealed attachment purposes in cabinets and furniture.

Glass Door Hinges are hinges for doors made of glass. SUP’s glass door hinges includes many different types for meeting various needs like: different glass thicknesses, inset/outset installation types, adjustable mounting position features, catch functionality, and more. They are available in various materials including Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy, Brass, and others. They come in many different finishes including Mirror, Chrome, Black, Gold , and more.

SUP’s hardware offers a huge selection of concealed glass door hinge options. Also called glass door fittings; these hinges are necessary for glass door applications. Available in drill and non-drill versions, these hardware hinges are great for glass cabinets. Our glass door hinge selection includes glass door pivot hinges, frameless options, and European styles. All our concealed glass door hinges come paired with the appropriate screws for mounting. Whatever your needs, we’re sure you’ll find the right glass door hardware for your application.

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