What are the quality standards for glass hardware accessories?

What are the quality standards for glass hardware accessories?

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The quality standard of glass hardware accessories is to ensure that they can achieve a certain level of safety, reliability and beauty during manufacturing and use. These are usually manufactured by the relevant national or industry standards body and may vary by region and specific use. Here are some general quality standards that may apply to glass hardware fittings:

What are the quality standards for glass hardware accessories?

Quality standards for glass hardware accessories:

1. Glass silver mirror standard: The thickness is allowed to be ±0.2mm and the width (-0.5-1mm), and no positive tolerance is allowed.

2. The allowable deviation of the hole diameter of the glass is 0.2mm, the allowable deviation of the hole spacing is ±0.5mm, and the maximum tolerance is 1mm.

3. Scratches and dark patterns are allowed ≤20mm, 2 places on the laminate and 1 place on the countertop, but door glass is not allowed.

4. One large optical deformation is allowed, but light transmission, black spots, edge chipping, and chipping of the lens are not allowed.

5. Requirements for edge grinding and chamfering: smooth and non-scratching, flat surface, smooth bevel, uniform bevel width, deviation ±1mm; smooth and round chamfer, consistent chamfer width, the same size of the four corners, polished and bright, There are no obvious wheel marks.

6. Craft glass: The pattern meets the requirements of the drawing, the lines are smooth, the pattern is clear and without burrs, the frosted vertical carvings have clear layers and a good three-dimensional effect.

7. The electric engraving pattern is in accurate position, the pattern is beautiful, the line thickness is uniform, and there is no edge chipping.

8. Spray-painted glass: the color conforms to the drawings and sample standards. The paint film must be uniform in color, with no paint falling off, no spray leakage, no bottom penetration, and tight and firm adhesion. The edges must be evenly sprayed with paint, and the adhering paint impurities must be cleaned on the front and back sides to keep the original film. template.

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