Which hardware material is better for making shower room? The shower room company answers for you

Which hardware material is better for making shower room? The shower room company answers for you

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The shower room is a big commodity, and the materials used must be high-quality, otherwise it will affect the effect of use, and the safety will not be guaranteed, so the selection of materials is very important. For consumers, how to choose a good shower room Real estate products are particularly important. Next, let’s discuss it with the SUP shower room!

First of all, the material of the frame is the most important. After all, it is necessary to support the entire shower room. 304 stainless steel and space aluminum are the most common materials on the market. Stainless steel materials are strong in rust resistance, durable, and have good weight resistance. 201, but this material is not good, so it will be better to choose 304 stainless steel; the space aluminum material has high strength, corrosion resistance, and the price is not expensive; some track materials are stainless steel clad aluminum, which is also the best quality Yes, after all, it is made of two materials, with double protection, better safety and stability.

Glass Hardware Manufacturer
Glass Hardware Manufacturer

The second is the material of the handle. Generally speaking, it is made of 304 stainless steel, but it is important to pay attention to whether the surface has been ground and chamfered, and whether the touch is smooth. These are very important; the magnetic strip is environmentally friendly and durable, and has Strong magnetism and suction can not only prevent water leakage, but also reduce the impact force when opening the door, and reduce noise.

Most people usually also install a water retaining strip or a bottom basin on the base of the shower room, both of which can make the wet and dry separation of the bathroom more thorough, affordable, beautiful and practical. The bathroom is not well waterproofed. It is recommended to install a bottom basin. If the waterproof is done well, it is enough to install a water retaining strip.

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